Our Approach

Addiction indiscriminately penetrates all corners of society, including each race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic level, as well as ages and genders.  Moreover, addiction includes not only substances and alcohol, but also processes (e.g., gambling, sex, eating, and gaming) and relationships (e.g., codependency).  Science has greatly improved our understanding of addiction both through the biology of the brain and psychological processes, and now officially renders it to be a disease within the medical community. Despite scientific advance, however, no medicine or single “cure” has been discovered to treat addiction.  

The EBI understands that addiction is rooted within the whole human being – body, mind, and soul. Therefore, we contend that wisest path toward healing is an integrated approach, including body, mind, and soul.  This approach underscores the importance of medical, therapeutic, and spiritual advances and insights.  Healing and returning to wholeness is not and “either/or” approach, as any one discipline has its limitations.  Instead, our rally cry is a “both/and” approach to addressing addiction.  Our programs reflect our interdisciplinary approach, each involving personal accounts, medical education, therapeutic framework, and spiritual insight.