By interweaving a Passover Seder with personal stories of addiction, Freedom Song poses one stark question- "WHAT ARE YOU A SLAVE TO?"

The cast of Freedom Song is not a cast of actors; they are actual addicts in recovery that have broken off the shackles of drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other destructive behaviors. 

By performing in Freedom Song, our interchanging cast members have an opportunity to answer questions from the audience and to share their experiences on how best to recover from a lifestyle of addiction. 

Using song and dance, tears and laughter, and an intense post show discussion with our cast, Freedom Song will open your eyes to the real life struggle against the 'bondage of self' that we all fight every day.

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"In 2005, as part of our Music in Recovery program, our residents, staff and alumni of Beit T'Shuvah, with help from Craig Taubman and Stu Robinson, wrote an original musical called Freedom Song. It is a powerful and original musical workshop that highlights the historic universality of the struggle to free oneself from external oppression and internal bondage. Freedom Song uses the story of Passover and a 12-Step meeting with original modern music as the vehicle to expose the pervasiveness of the disease of addiction and its effect on everyone in the family system. The play shows the parallels of a modern family Seder and a 12-Step meeting, bringing the lessons of historical slavery and personal bondage to all ages. The play not only draws parallels between being a slave in Egypt and being a slave to your addiction, but it also forces the audience to take a look within themselves instead of pointing the finger at everyone else. Following the performance, facilitators engage the audience in discussion. 
A poignant message of Freedom Song is that addiction can happen in every family, no matter what religion they practice and despite any façade of 'normalcy.' If you look at all the things we're addicted to, it's not just drugs, alcohol and gambling-it's a way of living that's become so ingrained in people. We're living in a society where we've forgotten what's important about being Jewish, about what we've brought to the world." 



For more information about Freedom Song or to bring it to your community, please contact

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