Alumni & Testimonials

The EBI is proud to acknowledge some of the past cohort and individual participants that are currently applying knowledge and skills gained in our programs:

  • Felice Miller Baritz, White Plains, NY
  • Rebecca Elkus-Ferst, New Rochelle, NY
  • Dr. Beth Fishman, Jewish Addiction Center, Skokie, IL
  • Barrett Harr – NFTY Michigan Regional Director of Youth Engagement
  • Cantor Heidi Kon, Chicago, IL
  • Rabbi Rob Jury, Chicago, IL
  • Danny Mishkin, Great Neck, NY
  • Rabbi Arielle Hanien, Los Angeles, CA
  • Emily Holtzman, IKAR, Los Angeles, CA
  • Rabbi Vered Harris, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dr. Joel Kushner, Kalsman Institute, HUC-JIR, Los Angeles, CA
  • Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jewish Theological Seminary, NY
  • USC School of Pharmacy, Los Angeles, CA
  • The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Los Angeles, CA
  • Grace Gurman, Hoboken, NJ
  • Lynn Lancaster, Great Neck, NY
  • Dr. Evie Rotstein, HUC-JIR, NY
  • Rabbi Jodie Siff, Plandome, NY
  • Yonni Wannamaker, NY, NY
  • Ira Wise, Bridgeport, Con

Each day of the Institute I came face to face with my own ability to repent and change. The work all day is around seeing people for who they really are, warts and all…. Judaism can offer people a structure in which they can see themselves as an individual in the midst of community – that is what is modeled at Beit T’Shuvah. The job is balancing “you matter” and “narcissism.” A challenge in everyday life for everybody. A challenge that I am willing to embrace as a result of the work I began at Beit T’Shuvah.
— Rabbi Jodie Siff, Reconstructionist Synagogue of North Shore, NY
My immersion in Beit T’shuvah with the EBI has been game changing – for me and for my congregation. For my work, my school and my congregation I discovered new pathways to prayer and Torah study. Personally, I found myself digging deep into places I had not realized I had, seeing where I had chosen to be oblivious to things which hold me back.
— Ira J. Wise, Temple Educator, Congregation B’nai Israel, Bridgeport, CT
Even having worked in the past with Beit T’Shuvah, I did not anticipate how powerful and transformative my experience at the EBI would be. The combination of learning from the professional staff at Beit T’Shuvah and from the residents at Beit T’Shuvah helped me to understand myself and my work in new ways. I returned to New York with an expanded view of what Jewish community, and Jewish education can look like when we are allowed to bring our whole selves to the table.
— Lynn Lancaster, Director of Congregational Learning, Forest Hills Jewish Center, NY
Beit T’Shuvah is not only an extraordinary Jewish residential addiction center but a holy place where education, Judaism and creative approaches to living Jewishly have found its way into my heart, soul, and the lives of my congregants.
— Grace Gurman Chan, Educational Director, United Synagogue of Hoboken, NJ
This program really opened me up to the different ways of learning and experiencing Torah. It forced me to think about how I can use Judaism to help others.
— Rabbinical Student
Everyone should be forced to do this before getting ordained!
— Rabbinical Student
I will certainly come back to the work I did at Beit T’Shuvah and use the lessons learned in my future work.
— Rabbinical Student
Beit T’Shuvah has given me more courage to be open and honest about my Judaism and commitment to authenticity and practice.
— Rabbinical Student
I feel that the Torah revealed here has affected me down to my soul.
— Rabbinic Student
Each one [of our students] who participated [in the program] reported that the didactical learning, interaction with residents, and invitation into spiritual reflection (individually and collectively) all challenged them in meaningful ways and helped them think about the impact on their own life and on the work they will so as future rabbis. Many told us that this experience was the single most important on in their rabbinic training to date. Having seen other unsuccessful attempts at combining practical training and spiritual growth, I know that the ability to achieve these goals requires true understanding, connection, and expertise. Beit T’shuvah has the program and people to make that happen.
— Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, Associate Dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Through their time at Beit T’Shuvah I am confident that our students have come closer to being able to provide essential leadership and care to people who are hungry for Torah wisdom, connection and healing community.
— Rabbi Mychal Springer, Director of the Center for Pastoral Education, Jewish Theological Seminary
My Rabbinic Pastoral Counseling class at HUC spent time at Beit T’Shuvah, learning from and with rabbis about their own experiences with addiction and recovery. It was a moving experience for them, and there was a power in learning this from rabbis – their about-to-be peers.
— Sally Weber, LCSW, Professor of Pastoral Counseling, HUC-JIR, Los Angeles